Quality Score and Influential Factors for Itself

Quality Score is like parameter to show how far your ads reach success. For the first, the advertisers must know about what Quality Score is. They also should know deep enough about Quality Score, such as the important of it for their ads and know the factors that affect to Quality Score. If they have known about that, it could be useful to make strategies how to reaching the perfect goal for each ad.

Getting Know About Quality Score

Quality Score is basically an attempt to describe the overall effectiveness of the advertising campaign. In other words, Google AdWords Quality Score is the type of grading mechanism where grades range from one to ten, ten being the highest and one the lowest.The idea in the quality score is the having ads in the SERPs that a relevant and compelling is good for the user, the advertiser, and for Google.

Quality Score Affection for Ad Rank

If you want your ads appear on the top page, you must have high Ad Rank. Your quality score affected to Ad Rank Position. Here is the relation.

sem ad

Let’s think it simply. Quality Score take a part to increase your Ad Rank beside Bid Price. So, all you have to do is find out how to increase your Quality Score. We have a pretty good idea of what we should be optimizing and what we should be doing avoid to penalty. But, one step before you find out how to improve your Quality Score is knowsthe factors which have big influence to quality score. Those factors will also determine Quality Score calculation by Google.

Three Influential Factors of Quality Score

sem factor

There are three factors which impact to your quality score.

1.      CTR

One of the single biggest factors in Quality Score is CTR (click trough rate).High CTR can increase your Quality Score. You should be able to gain high CTR with targeting more impression and click through keywords and ads. If your ads have low average CTR, it may because your website is not what people expectation to search. It may people don’t search your particular keywords. Or the other situation is your ads are not meeting the particular expectation from what people search. That point will be explant in point of relevance below. So, if you gain high CTR, it’s very possible to make your Quality Score good. In addition, if you have high CTR, Google will reward you with low CPC. Let’s roll your cost down.

2.      Relevance

Relevance of keyword and ad which showed in search result determines your Quality Score to. If user use keyword “cozy lounge and bar” but your ad showed about “luxury villa”, the user won’t click your ad because it is not relevant from what they search. It will be better for you to make keyword and adrelevant to improve your quality score. For example, you can put the keyword as your headline ad. Relevancy between keyword and your ad affected to CTR. And CTR has a big impact to Quality Score. That’s the relation.

3.      Landing Page

Imagine that your friend suggest you to new pizza delivery name “Pizzaz”. “It has delicious pizza and fast delivery”, he said. But when you take to delivery, it’s not the same from what he said. The “Pizzaz” delivery comes too late and the taste of pizza is not delicious enough. You may never take delivery from “Pizzaz” again.

That analogy can be implementing for your Landing Page. Making your Landing Page user friendlycan increase your quality score. Bear in mind that the Landing Page must relevant to your ad. If the ad is about “distro T-shirt sale 50% off”, the Landing Page must include the information about that. If there’s no discount information or users hard to find out discount information in the Landing Page, you will get low Quality score and Google may not show your ads in Google search result or Google partner site.

So, you should be concern to that three point—CTR, relevance, and landing page—which can help you gain high Quality score. No matter how much you pay, if your quality score is too low, your ads may not show. Users may stop click your ads, or eventually users may not use Google again.


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