New Year Comes!

December rapidly escaped into the hands to The Owner of Time, as though each moment had more important things to do. Thank you God for so much goodness You gave. I’ve passed this year in the way of emotion, I laughed, cried, fell down, and raised up.

I’ve had a great year in 2016 and I wish more of the same in 2017. I wish 2017 would offer me every chances to understand my authentic self with every inches of uniqueness.

Okay then, I like to make a resolution every year. Wait wait I’m not going to start with all the “new year new me” bullshit. I wonder why some people are not for once look back and be grateful for all the things we’re having. Some people changed, ya I know it. But, I am still like before, just myself. So what?

So, my resolution this year is I wish I can write a book, or get the scholarship, or… get married maybe. Ah I remember my friend who adviced me to rethinking about married life. She said: “You have to find THE RIGHT ONE you will stick with”. Yaa.. I will. But, now it’s not just my time. There will be the right time later, I believe 🙂

Okay then for this blog, I wish in 2017 I can continously share my stories and ideas more and more. As my purpose I made this blog as my document of life and also my creative outlet. Yeeaaa.


Now it’s only three hours before welcoming 2017. I never expect I spend my new year eve so far away from my country. I never imagine my new year eve like this: I come home at 5pm, buy some food in the nearest supermarket, try to cook at my friend’s apartment, then finally have my dinner with my new friends whom I met few days ago. We spend new year eve in togetherness, homey but far away from our home. Far away from plethora people who always welcoming new year with their some-called-euphoria.

dinner-new-year-eveThis is our dinner: capcay ala-ala, fried seasoned fish (I don’t even know what kind of fish it is), and fried tofu. Seems not too special for commonly new year eve dinner, but it’s very special for me. Cooking those meals is not easy in Japan. First I have to find the food and spices in fully Japanese the supermarket. The language makes me totally confusing to guess what kind of food is. Especially for the spices. It’s hard to find the spices for capcay. No red onion. No chilly. No white pepper. But, fortunately I find the mixed spices in the bottle which written “asian spices taste”. So, I used that spices for capcay. The smell is good, strong garlic I think.


It’s almost closer to 2017. I don’t wanna wait until 00:00 because I’m sleepy now. I wanna sleep, wake up early morning, pray to God and share my private story to Him.


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