My First Impression About Japan

japan peopleThis I called my first solo traveling overseas but not literally alone because I made friend with new people and met up with my old friend. So, I would like to share my first impression about Japan here.

When I first arrived in Japan I felt out of my depth. People around looked, spoken, and acted in different way than my home country. I was alone in there for two days before I met my friends, one day in my trip from Osaka to Nagano with local train, and one day before I come back to Indonesia.

I was zero in Japanese, but I have to talked to the local, especially when I need to ask something. I was zero, but I need to quickly adapt.

It was not easy to understand the train route, to buy the ticket with fully japanese machine. It was not easy to find the medicine when your friend got allergic. It was not easy to find the public telephone to make an urgent call to Singapore. It was not easy to find the proper quiet place to perform salat. But, I feel I am the person who is adaptive in new situation. I always try to find the information as well and asked the local when I don’t know and need help.

In first day I arrived in Japan, I can feel Japanese people are nice. They are polite and helpful.

People said that Japan is safe for traveling alone, ya I nod for that. Totally safe for me. Every information about places and some things are very clear here. I was not as confusing as I thought before even I cannot understand about Japanese language.

I really enjoy my trip. I enjoy my time when I was exploring Japan alone. I enjoy when I met new friends. I think all of these situations can improve my intercultural competence, hahaha. So, that’s why I want to travel more. I don’t give a shit about what kind of tourist spots I’ve been visited. For me, traveling is not about visiting the tourist spot, but experiencing new things.


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