The One I Miss Terribly

I miss my mom terribly. There is no other way to describe it. This month I had a dream about her more often. It has been two years after her death, and I still feel the same: regret.

I remember every single moment with my mom. I miss her. Sometimes I feel it so heartbreaking. Alone in my room. Remember when sometimes we were slept together in this room. I really miss that moment.

The one I miss just only my mom. When she still alive, one day I had a dream. It’s very nice dream. My mom gave me a warm embrace in the day I married. She hug me so tight. We were crying. But, it’s only a dream. My mom was dead and I’m not married yet.

Sometimes I hate when I have to spend lots of my times in my room alone without doing such a busy things because it can brings me to the heartbreaking memories about my mom.

If my mom still alive now, she would be very proud of me. I become a teacher, my mom’s dream job for her one and only lovely daughter. I have a lot of time at home. I often cooking. My mom love cooking. She’d love to taste my meals. She’d love my poem. She’d be so proud of me because I’m so strong like her.

My mom has inspired me in every inches of my life. And death has taught me about life. I wish we will meet in the happier moment, after life.


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