One Day in Kobe With Raysa

For two days, Becca and Lucky went to Tokyo. So, I planned to meet my friend, actually my office mate when I worked in digital agency. We went to Kobe. When I arranged the itinerary, kobe is already become a city that I have to visit. The distance by train from Hotarugaike Osaka to Kobe is just around 30 minutes. Me and Raisa met in Juso Station before we continued to Kobe Sannomiya Station.

When you start to plan a visit to Kobe, you can go through this Kobe Tourism Site to find some interesting places there. Some tourist discounts are waiting for you too.

Nunobiki Herbs Garden

After lunch in Sushi Conveyor Belt, we walked to Nunobiki Herbs Garden, our first destination. We used Google Maps to go everywhere. Just walk and keep the track.

Nunobiki Herbs Garden is  a beautiful garden with 75,000 herbs and flowers of 200 varieties which bloom seasonally. Actually the best time to visit there is in spring season. So, I couldn’t see so many flower there. But, it still worth to visit in winter.

Nunobiki Herbs Garden is located in the uphill. We have to take gondola to go there from the gate. The ticket to enter Nunobiki plus gondola is 1400 yen. Because I used Kansai One Pass, I got discount for 300 yen, yeah! You can check about Kansai One Pass and other types of train card on my post before.

We were ready to take the red gondola. The scenery is beautiful! I saw the hill. Kobe City from the top.



the red gondola

We arrived at the second gondola station. So, there are two gondola station there. If you already at the top of Nunobiki, it’s better to take a walk to the second gondola station while seeing the scenery.

Next, after passed the second station, the gondola took me and Raisa up and up. We saw the waterfall and garden more clear.

And finally we are on the top of Nunobiki Herbs Garden! It was beautiful not only about the flower, but also the European-style architecture around Nunobiki.

Me and Raisa bought rosella hot chocolate there. It was delicious, but the rosella flower as a topping was useless because we couldn’t eat it, haha.

We walked through every places there. There are perfume and aromatherapy museum, conservatory music, flower garden, and the glass house which has so many flower inside.

After walking we took a rest. We tried foot bath with herbs at “Herbal Foot Bath”. It’s free. After that we continued to walk to the gondola second station. It took 20 minutes walking, but we were not feel tired because we can see many beautiful views while we were walking. I love Nunobiki also because it’s not too crowded. This place like shoothes my heart.

the glass house

herbal foot spa
Tracking to second gondola station

After we arrive in the first gondola station, we went to the Nunobiki Store. I bought herb tea. Raisa bought laromatherapy lotion. We got free herbal soaking powder there because we’ve uploaded our photo in Nunobiki in our social media.

Sake Brewery Museum

The sky was getting dark. The little rain fell down. Hari sudah sore. We were arrived at Sake Brewery Museum at 4.30 pm. I saw sake making process there and the equipment.

I joined in sake tasting too. And… sake taste weird… yea… it’s like air tape but bitter… yuck! Mending minum wedang jahe mak >.<

We went back to Osaka. Finally, time to say goodbye to Raysa. Uhh I don’t like it.  Bye Raysa, bye little Alina…. See you again.


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